Videos of our recent work

We're proud of our dedication to quality work, and feel that our videos give the best demonstration of that. The videos are organized into the six sections below, ordered shortest to longest. Clicking on the section will take you straight to that set of videos, or you can just scroll down the page. Thanks for visiting the page, and enjoy the videos!

Here we take a very tired and worn bathroom, and bring it back to as-new condition, all by quality resurfacing.

Example video of professional and efficient bath, basin, and soap holder resurfacing.

A total transformation of a very tired bathroom into a work of art - all by resurfacing. Completed by Amazing Bathroom and Kitchen Makeovers in Adelaide.

A nice video of a recent ensuite makeover.

This video shows the restoration of a classic, but rusty and damaged, claw foot bath. Despite the damage, we are able to bring this lovely bath back to as-new condition, all in one day.

This video shows Andrew applying one coating of finish to a old, weathered bathtub, bringing it back to as-new. Note the well prepared workspace and attention to detail.

A nice in-depth video showing the full process involved in taking an old bathroom and updating to an as-new state via quality resurfacing.

Bathroom freeze, vanity top and floor, toilet floor and laundry floor/splashback resurfacing.

Here we have a video slideshow of some bathroom vanities that we've restored and resurfaced from poor condition. Even if you have a vanity with major damage please call us and discuss it. We can still save these most of these units with little hassle, with a substantial saving for you, compared with replacement.

Amazing Bathroom and Kitchen Makeovers, based in Adelaide, Australia, show the transformation of an old benchtop by resurfacing it ,enjoy!

Kitchen, bathroom, and toilet resurfacing from a recent job.

Kitchen benchtop transformation - from a very dark colour to white, light, and bright

Amazing Bathroom And Kitchen Makeovers present kitchen benchtop resurfacing, enjoy!

Amazing Bathroom and Kitchen Makeovers in Adelaide can resurface your kitchen and give it a new lease on life, everyone will think it's brand new!!!!

A slideshow and video footage of some major two pack kitchen makeovers, some nice end results here.

Amazing bathroom and kitchen makeovers restores a solid wood kitchen in a two pack satin finish.

Caravan bench-top resurfacing - we can also bring back some polish to your loved 'home on the road'.

The 'Normanville Hilton', Part 1! - Andrew and Brad recondition a caravan to the priming stage,ready for paint!

Andrew and Mark apply paint to a ceramic bar at the White Rabbit Nightclub

Amazing Bathroom And Kitchen Makeovers in Adelaide show some of their recent jobs.

A slideshow of some of our recent jobs, as at May 2012.