The value alternative

Resurfacing is a quality option for home owners, renovators, and developers. For a fraction of the replacement cost, we can magically transform your tired looking bathroom or kitchen, and give it the new look that you've been searching for. We use a mixture of colours and textures to produce a range of classic finishes, bringing your old, damaged surfaces back to new.


Detailed preparation is one of the keys to a professional result.

All silicone must be removed to prevent trace contamination. The surface will then require commercial cleaning agents to penetrate the surface for all matter that standard cleaning products can not remove. It’s important to etch a surface for coating bonding. Professional masking is carried out to ensure that all areas not being renovated are protected.

Safety and the environment

We have a range of products that are Low in VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds. When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and breathed in by your family. In addition to our Low VOC products, we use extractor fans to remove the fumes while spraying.


Our paint coating is sprayed through a HVLP - High Volume Low Pressure spray system.

Our technique of spraying is essential to achieve the look you want. It is essential to have a professional resurfacer who can accomplish a quality finish!!

Finish Detailing

After spraying we detail the bathroom or kitchen, and leave the area cleaner than when we started.

Detailing can sometimes be completed at the time of spraying, or the next day for most other services. All masking around the area is removed and taken away. Silicone is applied to edges in wet areas. Accessories are re-installed. The area is left clean and ready for use.

Our range of surfaces

You can choose from our diverse palette of colours. Our high quality, high gloss specialized coatings, are designed specifically for use in kitchens and bathrooms, over ceramic tiles, baths, basins, benchtops, and cupboards. Contact us to talk about the coatings that we use to resurface kitchen benchtops, and also floors in your bathroom. All discussions and quotes are naturally obligation free. The below chart is an example only, mixes can be customised to be lighter, darker, gloss, satin, or matt finish.