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Bath resurfacing

We are specialists in bath resurfacing, in particular the lovely, vintage claw-foot baths. Please contact us if you have one that you would like restored. You will be suprised at the extent of damage and rust we can bring them back from to as-new condition. View our video and photo pages to see some examples - they look fantastic when restored properly. Enamel and plastic baths are a slightly different process, but are also no problem. Our professional infra-red drying system produces extremely efficient, high quality results.

infra red drying

Bathroom resurfacing

Bathrooms frequently come under extremes of conditions, with steam, water, dirt, and cleaners causing wear and tear. Bathroom resurfacing is a quality, cost effective option to counter this.

A bathroom resurface can include your bathtub, shower base, and vanity, with hard wearing, water and heat resistant coatings of your choice. Eliminate mould on grout forever!!

Your entire bathroom, from top to bottom, can be restored, with a minimum of downtime. This is thanks to our eco-friendly, fast drying finishes.